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Packaging describes and protects the contents, but it goes way beyond that, It broadcasts and reinforces the brand. For many brands, uniformity of trade dress or packaging is appropriate and part of the brand promise. However, for a private label system of a very eclectic brand that offers myriad categories, a uniform one-size-fits-all approach just didn''t work. Some items need to be attractive and gift-able, while others are everyday, value-priced pantry items that go straight into the cabinet. A lot of what you see below is fairly recent work from Cost Plus World Market, carefully deconstructed and transformed into fresh, purpose-driven packaging that transformed the food division.
This study was a rebranding exploration for a well known biodynamic winery in California. The objective was to capture and incorporate the winery's unique biodynamic heritage into the crest design, and broadcast it through the other visual brand assets. Biodynamic agriculture is a highly sustainable method of alternative agriculture, similar to organic farming, but differing in that it treats soil fertility, plant growth and livestock care as ecologically interrelated tasks.
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