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With a career path as crooked as Lombard Street, my perspective is somewhat unique. I am a highly versatile creative leader with experience in creative direction, art direction, branding, strategy, packaging design, illustration, retail graphics, marketing, environmental design, product development and manufacturing. I've worked with some of the most respected companies, media brands and packaging design agencies on the planet.

I understand creative teams, and bring out the best in them. Delivering results with maximum productivity through inspiration, motivation, innovation and coordination.

I use a collaborative outcomes focused approach to develop and build cultures of excellence, craftsmanship and continual improvement. Empowering a team's capacity to produce more compelling work, tackle greater workloads, and employ design thinking principles to solve problems. Maximizing success with razor-sharp, objectives-based focus on delivering seamless brand experience across all customer touchpoints.

Art Direction | Creative Direction | Branding and Strategy | Brand Management | Creative Design | Packaging Design | Illustration | Cross-Functional Leadership  | UX | Product Marketing | Digital Hand Lettering | Workflow Management | Communication | Presentation | Print Management | Design Strategy | Business management

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